COVID Health Information

**Please screen your student each morning following the COVID-19 Screening for Parents handout.

**All absences need to be called into the office. Someone will reach out to review symptoms

**North Central Parke temperature policy is 100.0 degrees

**Per North Central Parke policy - a student must be fever free for 72 hours without fever reducing medication.

**Guidelines from the Indiana Department of Health will be followed for re-entry to school after an illness

**No medication will be given in the Nurse’s Office without a doctor’s order

**No nebulizer treatments will be allowed to be given at school

**Phone numbers and emergency contacts need to be kept up-to-date so if the need arises for a student to be sent home they can be picked up in a timely manner. 

**If a student is not feeling well,  they will need to stay home the entire day.